Five Tips to Get the Ultimate Power CV

ResumeYour CV is your gateway to the universe of job opportunities in the Middle East, and your passport to this ‘universe’ is your CV: a good CV can open doors to the next critical stage, which is the Interview. You need to invest the time and effort in order to make sure that your CV is near perfect in format, structure, focus and wording. Here are some tips you can follow to get a power CV, from the career experts at the Middle East’s #1 job site,

1. Specifically highlight achievements related to the job you’re applying to

A good CV shows clarity of vision. Remember, you will be judged primarily on the basis of your skills and experience, and on how relevant they are to the job vacancy you’re applying to. Make sure to clearly highlight your target position, and how your key skills and experience are perfect for it, by listing relevant career highlights and achievements. For example if you’re applying to a sales position, mention how you achieved x% of your targets.

Avoid vague, fuzzy or copy-pasted objective statements at the beginning of your CV. Elaborate work descriptions, vague objective statement and unclear titles will detract from the impact of your CV and will confuse the employer more rather than opening doors.

2. Always be honest, and avoid exaggerations

Never lie on your CV. It’s easy to detect exaggerations, if not immediately, then during reference checks carried out later. To avoid embarrassment, be as factual and accurate as possible. Omit details that don’t make you look good at the CV stage, such as a GPA that is less than 3, or the fact that you were terminated from a job.

3. Follow a professional structure

The structure of the CV is critical. At, we suggest these simple guidelines:

  1. Start with clearly-defined and catchy objective. Your personal statement should include your qualification, years of experience, and your key skills.
  2. Follow a chronological order when listing your work experience, starting with your most recent/current experience first. Start your job responsibilities with strong action verbs, be concise and use data/percentage figures wherever you can to support your claims.
  3. Education and trainings should be organized to maximise impact and relevance. Wherever possible, they should show a commitment to career development. Do mention ongoing courses, seminars, and workshops related to job.
  4. At the end, add your achievements and affiliations that may highlight professional roles above and beyond direct job responsibilities (for example: Active member of UAE Entrepreneur’s Association, Chairman of University Student Union, etc.) This area is particularly important for fresh graduates who do not have a lot of direct job experience.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of an attractive layout

Impressive content will barely get noticed if the layout of your CV is friendly to the eye. Keep these formatting rules in mind:

  1. Avoid clutter
  2. Use short sentences and bullet points.
  3. Headings and dates should be clearly differentiated from other text
  4. Have a good balance of white space and text on the document
  5. Avoid going beyond two pages

5. Keep it simple!

Avoid jargon and flowery language. Deliver the message in the most concise and relevant way possible. A successful CV will be well-researched and will have the keywords that the employer is looking for when looking for the perfect candidate.


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