Where do you stand?


The Rational Choice

  • Study different religions, compare them, and then make a rational choice.
  • Islam is the final religion of mankind till the last day of this world. God says: “We have sent you (Muhammad)  as a mercy for all nations” (Quran 21:107).
  • “I (God) have perfected your religion for you…have chosen for you Islam as your religion” (Quran 5:3).
  • People often say that Islam spread by ‘the sword’. This is not true. There is no mention of the word ‘SWORD’ in the whole Quran. Only a few preachers went to Indonesia. Today it is the largest Muslim country.
  • There is not a single TV, Radio Station or a national newspaper owned or controlled by the Muslims in the USA. Islam is still the fastest growing religion in USA & Europe.
  • Those who accept Islam include priests, bishops, doctors, engineers, businessmen, writers, scientists, scholars, celebrities, inmates, and ‘ordinary’ people including a large percentage of women.
  • Muslim communities are growing in every city with over 4,000 mosques in USA and Canada alone.


See detail presentation in below file:


Abdul Hye, PhD


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